Heroes of the Storm Adding Two More Diablo Characters

Plus, the treasure goblin is coming to the game.


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Blizzard tonight revealed two more characters coming to Heroes of the Storm, both of which come from Diablo III. The Monk and The Skeleton King are on their way to the game as part of the upcoming Eternal Conflict event, which will focus exclusively on introducing Diablo-themed content.

Details were scarce on the Monk, who is said to be early in development. He's the first support-class HotS character from Diablo, and according to director Dustin Browder, the idea is for him to be very mobile and agile. He's capable of healing enemies, and at the start of the match, he'll be able to choose a trait that dictates whether he'll be more support- or attack-oriented.

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The Skeleton King was more fully detailed. Upon dying, he turns into a wraith who is able to attack enemies. Rather than deal damage, he can impair them and, in the process, reduce his death timer so that he can get back into the action more quickly. When he does respawn, he'll do so at the location of his wraith.

Browder also explained the basics of his two Heroic abilities. The first, Entomb, creates a wall that traps enemies inside it, forcing them to face off against the Skeleton King. His other Heroic allows him to swing his weapon around while moving forward and healing himself; it's reminiscent of one of his attacks in Diablo III.

Also coming to Heroes of the Storm is the treasure goblin from Diablo. As part of a special event, it'll appear in the opening 30 seconds of a match, before teams are able to square off against one another. If you're able to kill him before he escapes through his portal, you'll earn some bonus gold.

The Eternal Conflict kicks off later this month. In addition to the characters mentioned above, it will also bring with it the Butcher from Diablo III.

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