Heroes of the Storm Adding Another Diablo Character

King Leoric AKA The Skeleton King coming soon to Blizzard's free-to-play MOBA; watch a video here to see him in action.


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[UPDATE] Blizzard has clarified that King Leoric will not be released for Heroes of the Storm this week, but rather sometime "soon."

The original story is below.

The character roster for Blizzard Entertainment's free-to-play PC MOBA Heroes of the Storm is growing.

The developer this week released the game's next playable character, King Leoric, who comes to the game following the release of the Eternal Conflict update in June.

King Leoric, known as The Skeleton King from Diablo III, has a number of unique and devastating-looking abilities. These include Skeletal Swing, Drain Hope,and Wraith Walk. You can see all of these in action through the overview video embedded below.

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Rather than deal damage, King Leoric can impair his enemies and, in the process, reduce his death timer so that he can get back into the action more quickly. When he does respawn, he'll do so at the location of his wraith.

King Leoric becomes the third character from the Diablo franchise added to Heroes of the Storm as part of its Eternal Conflict update. The others are Johanna the Crusader and The Butcher.

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