Heroes of Might, Magic strikes gold

Turn-based strategy game from Ubisoft and Nival Interactive enters duplication before entering the fray.


In January, a group of Heroes of Might and Magic fans formed an online petition asking Ubisoft to delay the release of the fifth installment in the series after a particularly disappointing beta test of the game. The game was delayed, and those fans will soon find out how much the extra development time helped the game, as Ubisoft today announced that Heroes of Might and Magic V has gone gold.

The first Heroes game from Ubisoft and developer Nival Interactive, Heroes V will take the series into fully 3D territory for the first time. However, it shouldn't be an entirely alien experience for fans. Players will once again take command of one of several factions and lead their forces to victory. There's a campaign mode as well as an array of individual maps to conquer, and judicious use of heroes will once again be a key to success.

Heroes of Might and Magic V is rated T for Teen and is set for a May 23 release in North America.

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