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Do ya like strategy? How about Magic? Do you get a warm, fuzzy feeling when you hear the words Might and Magic? If so, and you happen to own a Game Boy Color, sit down. The 3DO Company is putting the final touches to its GBC version of Heroes of Might & Magic. You read correctly - the smash-hit fantasy-strategy game that garnered millions of fans on the PC is coming to roost on Nintendo's handheld.

For those out of the loop, the object of the game is to lead your hero's army to victory over the enemy by collecting precious artifacts and defeating your enemies in battle. Succeed, and you can command up to eight heroes and an army of monster support troops - an army that can dole out stabbing arrows, spine-chilling spells, and a world of bone-crushing pain at a moment's notice. Fail, and you'll be exterminated. Thankfully, to further your endeavors you can build castles, enlist troops, or mine a variety of valuable resources, such as coal, wood or gold. Good morale will even boost your army's proficiency in battle. As is standard in fantasy titles, a plethora of wacky spells rounds out the game's lengthy list of features.

When it comes to converting a 3D-oriented PC title to the Game Boy Color, certain alterations and omissions must happen. For example, the vibrant grassy backdrops, isometric structures, and overly animated creatures of the PC version will be absent. But 3DO promises that the new 2D backdrops will be amply sufficient, and the redesigned buildings will still convey the game's refined look of old-age antiquity. Some of the monster variety and animation will also be left on the cutting-room floor, but otherwise, look for a game that plays faithful to its early-'90s counterpart.

Heroes of Might and Magic, replete with its 28 monster types and a plethora of other hard-core nuances, hits the Game Boy Color this May.

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