Heroes IV: Winds of War update

We take a quick look at 3DO's upcoming expansion pack for its 2002 strategy game.


We recently had the opportunity to try out an early version of Winds of War, the upcoming second expansion pack for 3DO's fantasy-themed strategy game Heroes of Might and Magic IV. Winds of War, like the first expansion, The Gathering Storm, seems intended to add more content rather than lots of new features that fundamentally change the game. Winds of War has new creatures, campaigns, and scenarios, as well as a number of winning entries in New World Computing's fan-created maps contest.

Much like in Heroes IV, in Winds of War, players can create small armies, or "stacks" of both monsters and hero units, then explore colorful maps in search of treasures to claim, monsters to fight, and strongholds to capture. In Winds of War, like in Heroes IV, players will need to decide which sorts of monsters they want to be able to produce in their strongholds, though they'll also be able to supplement their stacks with multiple hero characters, which will eventually gain experience levels and advanced skills, much like role-playing game characters.

Winds of War is scheduled for release next month.

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