Heroes & Generals Gets Soviet Update

Timoshenko update introduces the Soviet faction.


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Massively online first-person shooter game Heroes & Generals gets a large update that adds the Soviets, developer Reto-Moto has announced. The Soviets join the United States and German factions in the World War II-era game as part of an update which introduces a host of new gear, playable characters, and gameplay tweaks.

The Soviet update is codenamed Timoshenko, after renown Soviet commander Semyon Timoshenko. Soviet infantry, tankers, fighter pilots, and paratroopers will be introduced with the patch. The new faction also comes with the T-34 85 Model 1944 tank, Yakovlev Yak-9D fighter plane, and the PPSh-41 sub-machine gun. All factions will receive new weapons upgrades and ammunition, as well as additional uniform variations. Weapons have also been re-balanced. A fulll list of gameplay changes can be found in the Reto-Moto changelog.

Heroes & Generals is currently available on Steam Early Access as a free-to-play game. Developer Reto-Moto was founded in 1997 by former IO Interactive staff, the studio behind the Hitman series. Heroes & Generals claims to have over four million players and is currently featured on the top ten most list of most popular free-to-play games on Steam.

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