Hero X announced

Infogrames' superhero action game will fly into stores this summer. New screens inside.


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Infogrames has announced Hero X, its upcoming superhero action game in development at Houston-based game studio Amazing Games. The game will let players assume the role of a first-time superhero with access to more than 50 superpowers, such as X-ray vision, super speed, and invisibility. Players will use their powers in a series of chapters to defeat a variety of villains in real-time tactical combat.

"Over 60 million comic books are sold annually and the interest in comic-book-style action adventures is quite compelling," said Peter Armstrong, director of product development of Infogrames' Minneapolis label. "With Hero X, we are introducing a unique game that appeals to a wide crossover audience."

The game is set in Smalltown, USA, a city under siege by a group of evildoers. The American Super Heroes Association has assigned the player the task of cleaning up the town. The game will have comic-book-style cutscenes between each mission to convey more of the storyline.

Hero X is scheduled for release this summer. We'll post more information about the game as it becomes available.

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