Hero Forge Adds Customizable Wheelchairs For Minis

The custom miniature store has added options for wheelchair-using characters, in honor of International Wheelchair Day.


Hero Forge's range of options for its customizable tabletop minis just got a little bigger, with the addition of a set of wheelchairs for adventure-ready wheelchair-using characters. The new options include three different styles of wheelchair, which have been added in time for International Wheelchair Day.

Hero Forge is a service that allows you to design a customized TTRPG miniature, complete with weapons, mounts, and even animal companions. The finished designs can then be bought as a pre-made figure, or downloaded as a 3D-printable STL file.

The new wheelchairs have been added in the "Mounts" category, and include a basic "Modern Wheelchair," a decorative "Fantasy Town Wheelchair," and a "Fantasy Battle Wheelchair" that's exactly what it sounds like. The parts can also be mixed and matched between styles, with customizable wheels and handles.

Hero Forge also shared a tweet by Sara Thompson, a TTRPG designer who designed the homebrew Combat Wheelchair ruleset for Dungeons and Dragons 5E. The Combat Wheelchair got a big boost last year when it appeared in Critical Role, with NPC Dagen Underthorn proudly sporting the chair.

The three wheelchair variants are live in the Hero Forge creator now, whether you want to order a mini or just mess around in the character creator.

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