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Herman's M.A.D plans for Mastertronic

Frank Herman assumes the role of chairman at Mastertronic as the UK publisher prepares to launch its new M.A.D label.


The Mastertronic Group today announced that industry veteran Frank Herman has been appointed as its new chairman. In his new role, Herman, who has worked in the games industry for 21 years, will be responsible for ensuring the continued growth of the company's PC Gamer Presents range of games and for overseeing the launch of the new M.A.D (Mastertronic Added Dimension) label.

The M.A.D label is currently scheduled to launch in the UK in May and will include only games that have sold in excess of 100,000 units. Mastertronic claims that a number of products and long-term deals have already been secured for the M.A.D label, but no specific titles have been confirmed at the time of writing. Mastertronic has announced that games in the series will sell for just 9.99 pounds ($18.33).

"Most retailers have neither the shelf space nor the resources to focus on multiple vendors," said Herman. "It is clear that the space available for budget offerings will reduce significantly this year. The only winners will be those companies that can focus more effectively on delivery and distribution of their titles, a service Mastertronic can undertake on their behalf."

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