Here's Why Your Destiny-Themed Red Bull Code Might Not Work

The Destiny-Red Bull promotion has ran into something of a speed bump.


Recently, publisher Activision announced a Destiny promotion in conjunction with Red Bull. Specially marked cans of Red Bull have codes which unlock an XP boost and an exclusive quest in the upcoming Taken King expansion. The cans went on sale yesterday, but if you go out and buy one right now, it's quite possible the code has already been used.

It was discovered today that the codes on the Red Bulls are very easy to guess, and subsequently a significant number of people on the internet entered and claimed codes that they had made up. These codes are linked to cans of Red Bull, so dozens of codes on different cans are being used up.

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One Neogaf user has already reported buying a can with an invalid code, and instances of this will almost certainly increase in the coming days.

The Red Bull-Destiny promo site has been sluggish and, sometimes, inaccessible throughout the day, most likely a result of the high volume of fans trying to redeem a code without buying a drink.

Developer Bungie and Activision have yet to comment on this occurrence. Earlier today, Destiny was affected by a PlayStation Network problem, although the problems have since been resolved.

This information comes via NeoGaf, but since use of the codes is technically a form of theft, we're not providing a direct link. We'll update this story with any comments from Activision, Bungie, or Red Bull when they become available.

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