Here's When The First Ghost Recon: Wildlands Expansion Comes Out And What's In It

Narco Road opens next week.


Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Ubisoft has shared more details, including a release date, for Ghost Recon: Wildlands' first expansion, Narco Road. The expansion lands on April 18 on all systems for people who own the game's $40 season pass. Everyone else can buy it starting on April 25, priced at $15 by itself.

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In Narco Road, your job is to infiltrate gangs led by the ringleader El Invisible. You can't get to him, however, until you gain the trust of his underbosses, including (descriptions via Ubisoft):

  • Eddie Escovado: The self-proclaimed social media star and adrenaline-addicted leader of the Kamikazes gang.
  • Arturo Rey: The mysterious leader of the Death Riders, a gang of riders who worship Santa Muerte.
  • Tonio Mateos: The arrogant leader of the Jinetes Locos, a gang specializing in racing muscle cars.

There are 15 "fast-paced" missions in Narco Road, as well as four new types of side missions. You will earn fame and influence by completing these missions; earn enough and you'll get a chance to take down El Invisible.

Additionally, Narco Road comes with four outfits, nine weapons, and four vehicles types, including monster trucks, muscle cars, motorcycles, and planes.

Finally, Ubisoft announced that an update for all Wildlands players will launch on April 12 for consoles and April 14 for PC. This will add weekly challenges for solo and co-op play that start anew every Wednesday. You can earn up to three in-game rewards every week, and the seasons will last for six weeks; each has a specific theme. The first season is called The Rise and Fall of Unidad.

Narco Road is the first of two major planned expansions for Wildlands. The next is called Fallen Ghosts, and it sounds like a Black Hawk Down situation, as players get shot down from their helicopter and must survive as they're being hunted by "ruthless mercenaries."

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