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Here's When Steam's Summer Sale Starts This Year, According to a Leak

Get your wallets ready for late June.


This year will reportedly--and unsurprisingly--feature another Steam Summer Sale, and we now know it's happening, if a purported leak is accurate.

The sale will kick off on June 23 and end on July 4, according to a screenshot of a confidential message from Valve shared on Reddit. The user who posted the image, MrFreemanBBQ, has provided accurate information on Reddit previously, including the start date of last year's Steam Autumn Sale (which was dubbed the Exploration Sale).

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Last year's Summer Sale took place earlier in June, running from June 11-21. As Valve does from time to time, the sale was more than just a sale--it also offered a clicker game that was playable from right inside of Steam that could earn you Steam trading cards and unlock discounts for all Steam users. Whether this year's sale offers some twist like this remains to be seen.

We'll report back once Steam has officially confirmed the dates for the sale.

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