Here's When Mass Effect: Andromeda PC Pre-Loading Apparently Begins

Pre-loading reportedly starts on St. Patrick's Day.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be available to preload on PC via EA's Origin service beginning on March 17, apparently. TheOuterHaven reports that when you preorder Andromeda on Origin, a page pops up that shows the game will become available to preoload starting at 1 PM ET that day.

This is not yet officially confirmed by EA/BioWare, but we'll report back with more information as it becomes available.

In other news about the PC version of Andromeda, BioWare GM Aaryn Flynn recently said the company may announce the spacefaring RPG's system requirements sometime in February.

Pre-loading details for Andromeda's PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions have not yet been announced.

In other news, EA Access members on Xbox One will be able to play Andromeda a few days ahead of Andromeda's launch on March 21. It's also been confirmed that Andromeda will support HDR on all platforms and won't have a Season Pass.

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    Avatar image for marvelvsdc777

    Will this game have Denuvo?

    Avatar image for n7vakarian

    Is this even new? The bloody Origin page tells you this

    Avatar image for zerohournow

    It says Dec 2017 release, but this implies it will be much earlier....

    Avatar image for streamline

    @zerohournow: March release date was announced a short while ago.

    Avatar image for couly

    I still haven't seen enough of the game, I'm worried.

    Avatar image for wowgrandpa

    @couly: have you seen Dragon Age: Inquisition? well, i'm worried it will be way too similar to that.

    Avatar image for couly

    @wowgrandpa: never played it but it was a good game no?

    Avatar image for Etagloc

    lets hope they finaly make a great game again..

    no not a decent game. A GREAT game. after DA I and Me3 .. they really need to step it up.

    Avatar image for leblnk

    @Etagloc: Let me guess, you're one of those people who were upset over the ending... Boohoo.

    It was a GREAT game.

    Avatar image for Etagloc

    @leblnk: Yes.. yes the ending was shallow and boring. And everything you fought for, for 3 games in the end ment almost nothing.

    the gameplay was GREAT, it should and could have been a GREAT title, if they had just ended the epic journey better.

    I see nothing wrong with wanting a title to better than the previous.

    Avatar image for Judeuduarte

    @Etagloc: Mass Effect is not about the ending it's about the journey.

    And to be honest other than some plot holes in the ending I'd rather have an open ended like that that made me think about it for weeks than a clear cut completly explained one like DA: Origins.

    EDIT: Even if I had problems with the ending I could never be angry with the game after the Citadel DLC. That was simply beautiful.

    Avatar image for ECH71

    @Judeuduarte: "Mass Effect is not about the ending it's about the journey."

    Yes, the same thing was said about the Titanic.

    Avatar image for Etagloc

    @Judeuduarte: i like an open ended game if it is well made. I dont think red blue green and a space jesus qualifies, sure the game is about the journey. We all fought long and hard, and cared much for all the things we did though the years with the crew, things that in the end ment nothing.

    I was too shocked,to ever go back for any dlc for 3, but I heard good things about citadel.

    Avatar image for Judeuduarte

    @Etagloc: You really should have played Citadel. More than the mission what really matters is the chance to revisit the old crew (it came a year after the game). It's really nice for someone who played the 3 games. It was really a nice way to say goodbye to the trilogy

    Avatar image for PCsama

    @Etagloc: agree..

    Avatar image for datriax

    Damn. Thank god I found this article when I did. Only 75 days to go until I can pre-load. That's cutting it close.

    Thankfully, Gamespot is here to save the day with their cutting edge news. Thanks Gamespot!

    Avatar image for hystavito

    @datriax: :)

    Avatar image for pandatheory

    @datriax: Salty

    Avatar image for snugglebear

    All the cool kids are post-loading, these days.

    Avatar image for off3nc3

    GOTY inc.

    Avatar image for wowgrandpa

    @off3nc3: or RDR 2

    Avatar image for punksterdaddy

    I can see RDR 2 being postponed until March-May 2018 myself.