Here's When Gears of War Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Codes Start Going Out

Look for your codes starting December 1.


Everyone who bought Gears of War Ultimate Edition on Xbox One will soon receive codes to download the promised backwards-compatible versions of every game in the series for Xbox 360.

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Starting December 1, Microsoft will send out download codes for Gears of War, Gears of War 2, Gears of War 3, and Gears of War Judgment, according to a tweet from the game's account. These games will be playable on Xbox One through backwards compatibility, which arrives on November 12 as part of the New Xbox One Experience.

It's not too late to score the free games, either. Everyone who buys the Gears of War Ultimate Edition before December 31 gets them. The codes will sent out in waves, so don't worry if you don't get yours right away.

If you already own digital copies of the Xbox 360 Gears of War games, they will be added to your Xbox One library of backwards-compatible titles. Players who own physical copies can put the disc into the Xbox One and install it from there. After that, they'll need to put the disc in the drive every time they want to play.

"All game modes, including multiplayer, will work just as they do on Xbox 360," Microsoft said in an FAQ. "Additionally, you can play with people who are either playing Gears of War via backwards compatibility on Xbox One, or on Xbox 360."

Read the full FAQ for more.

Gears of War Ultimate Edition also comes with early access to the upcoming Gears of War 4 multiplayer beta. For more on Gears of War Ultimate Edition, which launched in August and sold well, check out GameSpot's review.

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Avatar image for ohjtbehaaave

Still waiting for codes. btw.. make sure you PLAY Gears Ultimate Edition before Dec 31 so there is a record of it saved to your LIVE account for proof you played the game before the 31st. Just buying it before the 31st won't get you the codes. PLAY IT !! This is especially important to those who get it as an Xmas present and don't have time to play it. Play a quick hour or play a round online to ensure getting codes to the BC games.

Avatar image for jomac3db1

Has anyone gotten a code yet?

Avatar image for halflight87

Sorry to kill the hype for everyone but the games have bad frame rate drops and input lag, so multiplayer is almost pointless. I was very disappointed. Hopefully they update the emulator or something cause I missed gears 3.

Avatar image for kifflamkifflam

@halflight87: I've been noticing some issues with Fallout 3 I've never had before. If only they could somehow just give us normal backwards compatibility like the Wii U.

Avatar image for deusvex

Yay! Wait, damnit. Now I have to go replay the games in chronological order now that I beat Gears Ultimate. Damn you MS. Why couldn't you remaster them all? Cheapskates.....

Avatar image for LPDisturbedHU

@deusvex: Because The Coalition (and Microsoft Studios) would rather focus on Gears of War 4.

Avatar image for UnrealPro

I already have them all on disk. No need to wait until December 1st to play them again.

Avatar image for eternaldragoonx

@UnrealPro: then sell the codes on ebay

Avatar image for dino7c

why would anyone play 1 in BC with you have the remaster...otherwise its good

Avatar image for kee1haul

Does anyone know if you still have to have the disc? By the sounds of it they are just going to issue codes to everyone who played it? I planned to sell my copy, but chose to hang on to it just in case.

Avatar image for BenihanaGT

December 1st? Odd. Would think they'd want to reward the people who bought their remake by giving them the codes ASAP. Instead they have to wait almost 3 weeks after BC hits XB1?

Avatar image for darkinverse

@BenihanaGT: To make sure. The games is not buggy.

Avatar image for halflight87

@darkinverse: the games are buggy

Avatar image for flames325

Would had been better if they would had did like Halo MCC and added the other Gears of War games in with new achievements.Instead they went the cheap way very sad

Avatar image for howiex89

@flames325: just cant win with some people.

Avatar image for Kelreynn

If you buy Gamestop's bundled Xbox One with GOW on Black Friday.... Will you still get the other iterations through backward compatibility?

Gift for my dad...

Avatar image for neotheden

@Kelreynn: Yes.

Avatar image for xshinobi

When the hell is the PC version coming out?

Avatar image for flames325

@anime-2k3: I doubt it will be coming out for the PC anytime soon since the the first Gears of War sold so poorly on PC.So i doubt they are in a rush they are more concerned about Gears 4 for the XOne

Avatar image for davillain-

@anime-2k3: It will be ready when they say it will be ready. But seriously, nobody knows as of now.

Avatar image for BradBurns

@anime-2k3: When they're done making money off it on console.

Avatar image for Spitznock

Huh... I just bought the holiday bundle that includes this, rare replay and ori, and while I have no interest in playing through Ultimate in particular, it'll be cool to maybe hit up Gears 2 or 3 again in the near future.

Avatar image for neotheden

@Spitznock: Ori is so good. One of the best, if not the best, games of the year so far.

Avatar image for Slannmage

I loved the first Gears of War but I didn't care for any of the others, the cover based TPS had been so worn out even by 2008

Avatar image for sladakrobot

@Slannmage: Really? How many cover based shooter was at that time?

Avatar image for vegasgamerdawg

@sladakrobot: Don't worry, the virgin hates every game because there's just too many.

Avatar image for fanboyzrtrash

Been missing gears of war 3 so bad.

Avatar image for hishamramzan

I need to get an X bone before the end of this year

Avatar image for lewser5

its cool you can play players on 360 also and not just on the one. My cousins and friends would be so happy for this.

Avatar image for raugutcon

Already have them in both formats, physical and digital, but I hope this brings more people to the MP, there's still people ( not many ) playing GOW 1, but GOW2 is a desert, I play MP all by myself vs bots match after match for days.

Avatar image for Megavideogamer

So these codes will allow you to use the Gears of War Xbox 360 disc's in the Xbox One console. I had forgotten all about this.

Avatar image for bobafetthatesu

The Ultimate Edition looks amazing but damn.... those last gen graphics... I would have spend good money on remasters.

Avatar image for SEADRIVE

@bobafetthatesu: I just hope that Gears 4 next year does not make the mistake that 343 did with Halo 5...keep the split screen and also bring back Horde match, or else I will not purchase this game gen does not mean to include less, it's supposed to have new hardware that can include seriously!

Make games that gamers want and drop the wannabee 1080p... to hell with marketing hype and other bs...and I don't expect 1080p with splitscreen either...who would?



Avatar image for i_p_daily

@bobafetthatesu: They still play the same though. You're acting if these games look like they are 8-bit games from the 80's.

Avatar image for bobafetthatesu

@i_p_daily: Wishing I could actually give Microsoft money for modern looking remasters is hardly like acting how the Halo 5 campaign looks.

Avatar image for i_p_daily

@bobafetthatesu: So basically you just wanted to complain. ok i'll leave you to it.

Avatar image for fanboyzrtrash

@i_p_daily: He's always bitching about what microsoft does,he lives on gamespot.

Avatar image for bobafetthatesu

@fanboyzrtrash: maybe someday Microsoft will stop doing things that cause people to bitch and you can stop filling your bucket with tears

Avatar image for louixiii

I want my codes dammit

Avatar image for andrew01093

So the update comes out the 12th of November but the codes wont arrive until Dec 1st. I see what Microsoft is doing here. Hoping a few gamers get antsy and buy them in the process of waiting. Well played Microsoft, Well played!

Avatar image for SEADRIVE


They mentioned in the article that the codes will arrive in different waves and purchases up to Dec 31st will get the codes...

Avatar image for brn-dn

Xbox has been killing it this year, this is a really cool thing.

Avatar image for westsiderz28

so how do we get the cose? in the mail? email?

Avatar image for lefthandbandito

@westsiderz28: Xbox msg I believe.

Avatar image for Richmaester6907

@westsiderz28: it will be email I'd imagine, or as an Xbox message.

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