Here's When Dark Souls 3 Ariandel DLC Unlocks on PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Dark Souls 3's Ashes of Ariandel is out now on all platforms.

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[UPDATE] Dark Souls III's Ashes of Ariandel DLC is now available on all platforms.

Original story: Although Dark Souls III's Ashes of Ariandel DLC accidentally went up (and was taken down) from Xbox One last week, it's now back on its regular release schedule. PC players can start playing now through Steam, while PS4 and Xbox One owners will gain access to it tonight, October 24, at 9 PM PT.

The first expansion costs $15, but you can buy it in a bundle with a second unannounced expansion for $25. It tasks players with venturing into the "frozen land of Ariandel" to "defeat the evil within" and discover what destroyed the region. The DLC also includes "new weapons, armor sets, and magic for players to discover and experiment with." You can check out some screenshots and art of Ashes of Ariandel in the gallery below.

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We don't know much about the second expansion, except for the fact that it's expected in early 2017. We'll keep you up to date as more information is revealed.

As for future projects, Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki has confirmed that From Software is working on a new entry in the Armored Core series, in addition to a game that's described as "a little weird." He's also stated that the studio has no intention of following Dark Souls III up with another sequel.

Dark Souls III received a score of 8/10 in GameSpot's review. Critic Mike Mahardy praised its expert level design, thrilling combat, and beautiful setting, though he was disappointed by the inconsistent camera and redundant late-game bosses.

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Short and boring. Sorry I paid 15 bucks for this and wish I had waited for reviews. I mistakenly thought I could blindly trust From Software.

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What area can I access the DLC from? I won't have time to play today, but I'm installing it for tomorrow!

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Too long, don't want to read: You should make use of the NPC summons, and level up high enough, because it's not too difficult then. A good place to level up easily is once you unlock the elevators in Nightmare of Mensis, and just backstab the Yeti's; three in all.


All it takes is upgrading to be honest. You probably just weren't at the correct level, and you should use the NPC summon. When I first tried him, I died about three or four times I think, but then when I came back later after doing more of the main story, I beat him the first try. I went through all the Souls games this year including Bloodborne just before and a bit after DS3 came out (I had Demon's Souls and Dark Souls since their releases and played about five hours of each but didn't get further due to feeling it took more grinding than was actually needed), and so I played The Old Hunters alongside the main story.

The only boss I didn't beat was Kos because I didn't want to take time to upgrade anymore and wanted to move onto three. By the time I got to the final boss of the main game in Bloodborne, the boss many people consider not only one of the hardest in Bloodborne, but in all the Souls games, all I had to do was run up to him and smack him about ten times and he died without much else in the way of strategy (and an even easier time was an even harder boss many talked about which was Ebrietes, where I just smacked her behind as she focused on the NPC summon, granted many had a hard time due to fighting her solo I believe). I didn't love DS3 so I don't plan on playing this DLC.

Oh man! I need to say, I totally thought you were talking about Ludwig; he's the one I died on until I could move on later. I beat Laurence in my first try; he was honestly forgettable, and so I had to look it up because I swore that, that name didn't sound correct as I was thinking about Ludwig. But yeah, I should say that I may sound like I'm bragging, but I'm not, I am just saying that all these games take is being at the correct level, and using the NPC summons at your disposal; I'd also say good luck if you're on a new game plus. To me, that'd be kind of a waste of time, because again, it's about leveling up, and that just takes more time.

I wish the Souls games (and when I say Souls games, I include Bloodborne) had a choice to play the same difficulty on a new game plus, because I really enjoy the games, but less for the sweaty handed, heart pounding battles, and just the experience of going through those environments and fighting the enemies and bosses regardless of difficulty.

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@nagat0: The difficulty wasn't broken, but it was very challenging. I beat every boss on there including Orphan of Kos with a threaded cane and countless retries lol. Laurence takes patience.

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@nagat0: haha I hear that! he handed me my backside for quite a while. wouldn't change the old hunters in anyway though, other than maybe to have made it longer, like anyway fromsoft dlc haha!

installed the Ariandel content this morning and I'm currently having the longest day at work in history, gonna be anyway good evening though!

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Played it for 2h. Quality shit as always from FROMSOFT.

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@silversix_: Completely agree. Sorry I paid 15 bucks for this and wish I had waited for reviews. I mistakenly thought I could blindly trust From Software.

But no, From Software is normally quality. Hence my disappointment.

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@silversix_: Best DLC's in the industry!

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my soul is ready

... to die again an again

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Praise the sun!

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