Here's What's Next for Fallout 4 Mods

Bethesda shares its plans for improving mod support.


With Fallout 4 mods available on PC and Xbox One (and coming soon to PS4), Bethesda has launched a new section of its website devoted to developer notes regarding future updates. Among the first posts there is a roadmap for what's coming this summer to improve the mod experience.

Perhaps most importantly, Bethesda says it's "working with Microsoft and Sony to increase the storage limits on consoles." Presently, mods are capped at 2 GB, limiting what's possible. It also plans to offer better support for reporting mods, which could help to reduce the number of mods that have been stolen and published by people who didn't create them. Improved security is also in the works; uploading mods to will require users to link their website account to their Steam account.

fadingsignal's True Storms mod
fadingsignal's True Storms mod

Many of the other upcoming features are what you'd expect. Bethesda is looking to improve the UI for browsing mods on the website and in-game to make it easier to find new ones. It also plans to add support for more images, new comment options on each mod's details page (such as replying to or liking a comment), a way to mark a mod as a work-in-progress, statistics to see how popular mods are, and a unified version of mods so that each platform doesn't need its own details page.

You can see everything Bethesda has planned here, and check out the dev notes section of its website here.

Fallout 4 mod support was just recently added on Xbox One, with a PS4 launch expected before long. The PC version added official support earlier this year, though considering how much more popular Bethesda says mods have been on Xbox One, it's possible that computer players are sticking with the existing, unofficial ways of using mods.

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