Here's What's New In Destiny 2's Season Of Dawn

Here's what's coming down the pike over the next three months of Destiny 2.


Bungie revealed a bunch of new information about Destiny 2's Season of Dawn this week, with a trailer that gives a sense of the story and a livestream explaining some of the grittier details. During the stream, Bungie also dropped a content calendar for the new season, showing Guardians lots of what's coming when the new season starts on December 10. Additionally, we've now gotten a patch notes preview, which includes changes to Exotic Engrams, an increase to the Power cap, and welcome adjustments to the Eververse store. Here's a look at what to expect once Season 9 officially begins. [Update: Season of Dawn is officially live, marking the start of the content calendar outlined below. First thing's first: Make sure to complete A Matter of Time, which will get you into the Sundial and earn you your artifact, which you can start leveling up. We've also assembled a list of The Dawning recipes to help you with 2019's new event.]

The story of Season of Dawn starts right where the current season, Season of the Undying, leaves off. During the current season, players took on the Vex, Destiny's time-traveling robots, to stop them from invading the moon. Defeating the Vex messed up time on Mercury, another place where the Vex have major operations. There, the Cabal are using time travel tech to try to undo their loss of the Red War, which was the focus of vanilla Destiny 2's story campaign.

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"Fix the timeline" was the tagline Bungie used to first describe Season of Dawn, and to do that, it seems you'll be helping Mercury's major Guardian character, Osiris, activate some key artifacts. Those are four obelisks located on different planets throughout the solar system. You'll also work through a new six-player activity called the Sundial to protect the timeline from the Cabal's meddling. While you're doing that, you'll also go back in time to save a legendary Guardian, Saint-14, from death at the hands of the Vex.

Bungie's content calendar details when some things will happen in Season of Dawn--although it also seems like the developer isn't sharing everything that will happen in Season 9.
Bungie's content calendar details when some things will happen in Season of Dawn--although it also seems like the developer isn't sharing everything that will happen in Season 9.

Bungie's content calendar details what we can expect from December 10 until about March when Dawn comes to a close. The Sundial activity has a number of boss enemies that will roll out over time, as well as a Legendary difficulty version that will require you to build a team of your own, rather than relying on matchmaking. The calendar also notes that two new Exotic weapon quests are coming in January, and dates Destiny 2's next two seasonal events: The Dawning, Destiny 2's holiday-themed event, on December 17, and Crimson Days, its Valentine's Day event, on Feburary 11.

As was the case with the Season of the Undying, some offerings in Season of Dawn are free, while others require purchasing Dawn's season pass for $10 (or 1,000 Silver in Destiny 2's in-game currency). Check out the list below for a rundown of what you get for free and what you'll have to pay for.

What's Coming In Season Of Dawn


  • Obelisk activities
  • The Dawning seasonal event
  • Iron Banner
  • Empyrean Foundation
  • Crimson Days seasonal event
  • Lantern of Osiris Seasonal Artifact
  • PvP Mode: Elimination
  • Rusted Lands Crucible map
  • Solar subclass updates

Requires Season Pass

  • Sundial activity
  • Save a Legend Saint-14 story
  • Exotic Quest: Devil's Run
  • Exotic Quest: Bastion

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