Here's What's New In Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War And Warzone This Week

The latest weekly refresh is coming soon--here's what you need to know.


It's a new week and that means Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and the battle royale game Warzone are being updated again with new playlists and store bundles. Activision outlined everything that's new in a blog post, and we've collected the highlights here.

New Playlists For Black Ops Cold War

The Throwback Moshpit playlist is coming to Black Ops Cold War on February 18. It includes the popular classic maps that were updated for Cold War: Raid, Express, and Nuketown '84.

Also coming to Black Ops Cold War on February 18 is the Snipers Only Moshpit playlist. As its name says, this is a playlist where all you have is a sniper rifle, so it's a good way to hone your sniping skills or just have fun playing familiar maps in a new way.

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The 2v2 Gunfight Blueprints playlist, meanwhile, is staying in rotation this week. Teams of two face off with random weapon blueprints on five maps: Game Show, KGB, U-Bahn, ICBM, and Nuketown '84.

New Store Bundles

Players looking to spend some Call of Duty Points this week can grab the Retro Renegade bundle starting on February 18. It comes with two weapon blueprints--the Tape Deck SMG and the Fast Tempo assault rifle. The bundle also comes with two legendary items--the Forward Progress watch and Mixtape charm. Players also get the Retro Vision sticker, Love Link calling card, the Retro horn, and the Renegade vehicle skin.

These items can be used across Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, presumably.

The Retro Renegade weapon
The Retro Renegade weapon

Double XP

Finally, Activision announced the next double XP promotion is coming up soon for Black Ops Cold War and presumably Warzone as well. From February 19-22, players can enjoy double XP and double battle pass XP. It's great timing because Season 1 is coming to an end very soon. Activision also just announced that Season 2 will begin on February 25--you can learn more in our Season 2 coverage.

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