Here's What The UI For Xbox Game Streaming In Your Browser Might Look Like For xCloud

A new report reveals the UI and more details for xCloud on a web browser.


The Verge has the first details, including images, of the UI for the web-based version of its game-streaming service, xCloud. Sources told the site that Microsoft employees are testing this right now before it rolls out to more people in a preview program.

"The service allows Xbox players to access their games through a browser, and opens up xCloud to work on devices like iPhones and iPads," the report said.

The web version of xCloud is described as a "simple launcher" that recommends you titles, lets you resume games you were recently playing, and displays a whole library of titles from Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. You will need a controller to play games streamed to your browser, the report said.

The resolution target for xCloud streaming is unknown, but the server blades are made out of Xbox One S consoles, which means it theoretically couldn't reach 4K. However, Microsoft has plans to update the blades to Xbox Series X components later in 2021, according to The Verge.

This new web browser for xCloud will also reportedly be baked into the PC version of the Xbox app on Windows 10, allowing users there to get started easily.

Launching xCloud on PC is a big deal for a number of reasons, but as The Verge points out, it will mark the first time that the service is officially allowed on iOS hardware. Due to various content policies, Apple apparently told Microsoft it needed to submit each individual game for review, and Microsoft said that was a "bad experience for customers." Therefore, xCloud on mobile has remained available only to Android users.

Go to The Verge to get the full report.

Microsoft's Xbox business is already on the top of the world, but its fortunes could get even better thanks to xCloud, which opens up Xbox gaming to a much larger audience of people who own a PC but not a console. Microsoft's long-term vision is to put xCloud on every screen.

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