Here's What Nintendo Switch's Main Menu Looks Like Currently

Quick access to recent games and important areas of the system.


We've gotten a very brief look at what the Nintendo Switch's main menu UI looks like today, thanks to the ongoing Treehouse livestream.

As pictured below, we got a glimpse of the menu just prior to the start of a Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild demo. It looks as if you'll have quick access to your most recent games, with options to jump to things like settings, power, messages, brightness, and the store just below. The top right shows the time and battery life, and it shows what looks like an airplane mode-style setting. The bottom left shows your controller status.

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It's important to note that what's seen here could still change between now and when the Switch launches. It does, however, give us some sense of what to expect.

As announced during last night's livestream presentation, Switch launches on March 3 for $300. We've learned a ton about the system and its games over the last day--you can check out our roundup of everything here.

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