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Here's Valorant's New Agent Reyna And All Her Abilities

Reyna, the first character added to Valorant post-launch, has extensive "pop-off" potential, Riot's character design lead says.


Update: Reyna is now available to play as of Valorant update 1.0. Her two basic abilities are Dismiss and Devour, which allow her to consume a downed enemy's "life force" to temporarily become invisible and invulnerable, and restore her health, respectively. Her signature ability Leer sends out a destructible orb that obscures the range of vision of any players that look at it. This ability can be deployed through walls and barriers, which makes it quite powerful. Her ultimate ability is Empress, which grants her rapid fire for a limited period of time, but resets the timer per kill. Getting a kill as Reyna also recharges her basic "feeding" abilities.

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Developer Riot Games has shown off the first post-launch character that will be added to Valorant. Reyna, a kill or be killed kind of Agent, has no definitive release date but will supposedly drop sometime around the game's June 2 launch.

Alongside the above teaser that briefly highlights some of Reyna's abilities, character design lead Ryan "Morello" Scott spoke a little bit more about her kit. She's an offensive powerhouse who thrives while in danger, getting more powerful as she increases her body count. Scott calls Reyna a "feast or famine" Agent, meaning she must feast in order to gain strength. Otherwise, she's utterly useless.

Further, Scott summed up two of Reyna's abilities. The first allows her to self-heal (and even over-heal up to the maximum 50 armor count), while the second makes her invulnerable for a few seconds. That invulnerability, however, leaves Reyna unable to attack. And both abilities require Soul Orbs for her to cast. These orbs are only spawned when Reyna specifically gets kills, and the aforementioned abilities share charges.

Scott also quickly mentioned Reyna's ultimate ability, which grants her faster firing, faster reload speed, and reduced recoil. Additionally, her ultimate enhances her Soul Orb skills. However, Reyna seems to be a glass cannon. You have to be exceptionally skilled, with a sharp eye and a fast trigger finger, to get the most out of her kit.

Reyna bears a lot of similarities with Overwatch's stealthy assassin Sombra. In addition to the purple color palette and origin of descent, both Reyna and Sombra make use of harassing other players to gain quick access to their abilities and get the drop on their enemies.

After sitting in closed beta for nearly two months, Riot Games has officially confirmed that Valorant will launch worldwide on June 2. The studio also revealed the game's release times, so you can get prepared for when the tactical FPS drops at 5 AM PT / 8 AM ET this Tuesday.

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