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Here's Two New Cards From The Magic: The Gathering Murders At Karlov Manor Expansion

We have an exclusive look at two new cards from the upcoming murder-mystery-themed set.


Magic: The Gathering's first Standard set of 2024--Murders At Karlov Manor--is fast approaching. The murder-mystery-themed expansion centers around a slew of mysterious murders and the detective tasked with solving them, and it includes both new and returning mechanics centered around the art of investigation.

We've received two exclusive preview cards featuring creatures from the upcoming set, which include a construct with the ability to pull from the graveyard, as well as a human who can turn a full board of small creatures into a one-hit KO. Both previews include the standard art and the Dossier alternate art treatment.

First, let's take a look at Magnetic Snuffler!

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  • Magnetic Snuffler (Artifact Creature)
    • Rarity: Uncommon
    • Color: Colorless
    • 4 power/4 toughness Construct that costs five generic mana to cast.
    • Ability 1: When Magnetic Snuffler enters the battlefield, return target Equipment card from your graveyard to the battlefield attached to Magnetic Snuffler.
    • Ability 2: Whenever you sacrifice an artifact, put a +1/+1 counter on Magnetic Snuffler.

Equipment decks now have a new best friend in Magnetic Snuffler, as any single Equipment card can be pulled back into play simply by casting this creature. Pair this with a "blink" effect card like Conjurer's Closet or Teleportation Circle, and suddenly the Snuffler becomes a Equipment regeneration machine. Imagine wiping the smile off of an opponent's face when that recently removed Colossus Hammer comes right back into play.

If you're more into creating and using artifact tokens like Clues, Food, and Treasures, ol' Snuffy still has your back, as it grows with every sacrificed artifact. Note that this is for every single artifact sacrificed too; if you, for instance, cracked four Treasures for mana in order to activate a Clue and a Food, since all six tokens require self-sacrifice in order to be used, that's six +1/+1 counters on the Snuffler along with the four mana from the Treasures, extra card draw from the Clue, and the three gained life from the Food. The Snuffler can get beefy in a hurry in the right deck.

Our second card is Delney, Streetwise Lookout!

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  • Delney, Streetwise Lookout (Legendary Creature)
    • Rarity: Mythic
    • Color: White
    • 2 power/2 toughness Human Scout that costs two generic mana and one white mana to cast.
    • Ability 1: Creatures you control with power 2 or less can't be blocked by creatures with power 3 or greater.
    • Ability 2: If an ability of a creature you control with power 2 or less triggers, that ability triggers an additional time.

Weenie decks rejoice! Delney is a champion of the smaller creatures, as they can render a big body on an opponent's board harmless to an army of 1/1s just by also being on the board. With white's ability to create 1/1 Soldier tokens with ease--Myrel, Shield of Argive, we're looking in your direction--Delney could become a staple in any white creature deck very quickly.

That second ability is no slouch either, as there are a surprising amount of small creatures with very powerful abilities. Drawing two cards with Esper Sentinel or blinking two creatures with Felidar Guardian is incredible value, and that's before we get into other colors and potential pairings with Blood Artist or Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer. Delney's versatility with smaller creatures gives them the potential to make an instant impact in multiple MTG formats right from the jump.

Earlier this week, Wizards Of The Coast unveiled more new cards from Murders At Karlov Manor, which included a look at new mechanics, multiple returning characters from the Ravnica plane, and more. Everything revealed during that presentation can be found in the gallery below.

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Murders At Karlov Manor will launch February 9 in local game stores and big box retailers, and it will be the first to use the new Play Booster format. More previews are expected across the internet between now and launch, and local game stores will be hosting prerelease tournaments from February 2-8.

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