Here's The Free Xbox One Games Have Been Added To Game Pass For August 2018

A handful of new games arrive alongside better sorting.

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Now Playing: Xbox Game Pass Adds Hitman, Ruiner, And More For August - GS News Update

It's a new month, and that means another set of games for Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft's all-you-can-eat subscription service for games on Xbox One. The $10 per month service offers unlimited downloads of its library, which promises all first-party Xbox games on the day of release. This month the spate of games includes contract killing, cyberpunk shooting, and zombie slaughtering, just to name a few. [Update: Alongside all of these, you can also get a just-released game, Graveyard Keeper, for free with Game Pass. We've also learned of a new $2 for two months offer, as well as the first of September's games.]

As of August 1, Game Pass includes the entire first season of Hitman, the episodic reboot of the classic series. Its sequel, Hitman 2--which abandons the subscription model--is launching this November. Ruiner is an action shooter set in a cyberpunk dystopia, and Ryse: Son of Rome was a much-talked-about Xbox One launch game renowned for its visual feats. The Escapists: Walking Dead takes the adorable pixel art and gameplay of The Escapists series and applies it to the zombie franchise. Dandara is a metroidvania with some fluid gravity-defying reversal.

A couple of Xbox 360 games are coming back as well. Dead Rising 2 was the bigger and weirder sequel to the original zombie-smashing hit, and this version includes all of the DLC costumes. For something a little more family friendly you can check out Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure to explore worlds themed after animated classics.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has pushed out an update making the Game Pass interface a little neater. A new main Game Pass tab on the Xbox One interface takes you right to all of the offerings, with lists of recent additions, popular games, and other curated categories. Given the large and growing list of Xbox Game Pass games available, better discoverability was a must.

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Avatar image for santinegrete

Ruiner? oh myyyy

Avatar image for inmycontrol

Ryse was free for GOLD users.

Avatar image for siarhei

Ryse was good and Hitman was great.

Good deal.

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Man finally took forever to see what the Game Pass games for this month are but now I am having an issue where the Xbox Live store is down. EDIT:Something is up I finally got the Xbox store to load but now I don't see the new editions to Game Pass other then Dead Rising 2 and Dandara Where's Hitman?

Avatar image for videogameninja

Microsoft’s Gamepass may have started of a little rocky but it sure is proving for many gamers out there to be a viable alternative to the old school renting/red box/blockbuster method(-what was that last one again, Ninja?-).

Some of the titles on this list are definitely more than worth the asking price and I’ll even go far as to say that if Microsoft continues with this kind of progression other hardware developers (Sony and Nintendo.) might throw their own hats into the gaming subscription ring.

Whether that is ultimately a good thing for long time gamers is something up for debate at the end of the day but for casual/gamers on a very tight budget something like this may just be their best bet.


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@videogameninja: I personally could never do this because I'd just end up playing every game for 5-10 minutes before getting attracted by something else. Even just the steam sales are a nightmare when I play every game for like 5 mins, decide to come back later to it, and never do.

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Oh I'm interested in Ruiner, Hitman is good as well... nice games!