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Here's Some Footage From Marvel's Canceled Daredevil Open World Game

Not meant to be.


Unseen64, the site that documents canceled video games, has published a new video that brings to light some of the events surrounding the demise of an open-world Daredevil game.

As the video explains, Daredevil: The Man Without Fear (based on and inspired in part by the Frank Miller comic book of the same name) was in the works at developer 5000ft Inc. It began its life as a "small" third-person game for PlayStation 2. However, with the knowledge that a Daredevil movie was in the works, the game's scope increased and it became an open-world title. It was also at this time that two new platforms were added: Xbox and PC.

But it never saw the light of day. Check out the video above to get the full rundown of what led to the game's eventual cancellation in June 2004.

The Daredevil game was officially announced in early 2002, but no playable version of the game ever surfaced during subsequent E3s or company presentations. A Game Boy Advance Daredevil game, developed externally, was released concurrently with the Ben Affleck movie in 2003.

Head to Unseen 64's website to learn more about canceled games.

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