Here's Some Fall Guys "Lore" Art To Keep You Up At Night

Ever wondered about the anatomy of a fall guy? Here's a haunting piece of concept art that explains it.


Fall Guys developer Mediatonic have shared some new lore details regarding the popular battle royale game, and it's truly a sight to behold.

Senior concept artist Tudor Morris has shared new art for Fall Guys, showing the anatomy of a fall guy. In this cursed image, we can see that a fall guy has a skull similar to a human, but the rest of their bone structure is more in line with a bird. Perhaps the most haunting part of this image is the oblong eyeballs that are disconnected from their eyesockets.

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Writing on Instagram, Morris assured people that fall guys are "very happy little beans," even if their anatomy looks like something out of a horror movie.

"Sometimes I like to ruin nice things, and seeing as I'm working on Fall Guys, and I love me some speculative anatomy, I thought I'd post some artwork up for you all," Morris said. "You have have options for how you interpret this, but I refuse to comment to elaborate:

1) This was a lunchtime sketch that has no meaning and was done as a joke

2) This is a canonical representation of what's inside a fall guy, we knew from the start that they weren't as marketable like this so we gave them nice little cuddly suits."

Fall Guys might be Mediatonic's biggest success so far--it broke PlayStation records--but it was far from the company's first release. Before Fall Guys, Mediatonic had released more than 130 games.

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The Fall Guys Season 2 release date is set for October 8.

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