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Here's Robert Pattinson In The Batman Suit

The mantle of the Bat has officially been passed down.


For all we know about Matt Reeves's upcoming DC film, The Batman, there's still a ton of mystery surrounding it. Yes, Robert Pattinson will be playing Bruce Wayne, Zoe Kravitz will be Selina Kyle, Collin Farrell will play The Penguin--but beyond the star-studded cast, the details have been kept extremely vague. The slow drip of information continues to trickle in and the latest is test footage for the movie. Reeves took to Twitter to share the video, giving us our first look at Pattinson in full costume, and our first glimpse at what we can expect from the brand new Bat Suit. [Update: We've now gotten another look at the new Batman thanks to the first official photos of the new Batmobile.]

The Batman is expected to take a more detective-focused look into the world of the Dark Knight, pitting Bruce Wayne against not only The Penguin and Catwoman, but The Riddler (Paul Dano) tool. Joining Dano, Farrell, Pattinson, and Kravitz will be Andy Serkis as Batman's faithful butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Westworld actor Jeffery Wright has also been in talks to take the role of Commissioner Gordon.

We can't be sure where or how The Batman will connect to the rest of the DCEU, or if it will remain a completely disconnected alternate universe similar to Joker--but one thing is definitely certain: The new costume looks absolutely incredible. The Bat logo on the chest seems to be made of fragmented metal, the shoulders look heavily armored, and the cowl looks like it may have already seen some battle damage, which could indicate that we'll be joining the Caped Crusader well into his superhero journey, rather than at the very start.

Of course, it's difficult to make out the finer details in the video--the shot provided in the camera test is sparsely lit and saturated in red, so the actual colors are impossible to properly discern. Notably, Pattinson's Bat Suit seems to have a much higher collar around the neckline and cape than any of his movie Bat-predecessors.

Twitter user Luc Pestille has manipulated the lighting in After Effects to remove the red glow and provided a slightly better look at the suit, which is reminiscent of the angular design used in Rocksteady's Batman Arkham games.

The Batman is due out in theaters on June 25, 2021.

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