Here's Our First Look At Halo Infinite Gameplay Running On Xbox One

During the Halo Infinite Technical Preview livestream, 343 Industries showed off some multiplayer gameplay running on Xbox One hardware.


During 343 Industries' Halo Infinite tech preview livestream, the developer showed a snippet of gameplay running on the Xbox One. The gameplay shown was from a Slayer match, showing off the first-person shooter running on the last-generation hardware.

The gameplay takes place on Bazaar, one of the new multiplayer maps in Halo Infinite. The gameplay is running on the most recent build of Halo Infinite, which will be one used for the tech test this weekend.

"Prior to this stream we were able to put together a little bit of gameplay capture and I'd like to give folks a glimpse at--this is gonna be a Halo Infinite multiplayer match, recorded I believe last week in the studio," community director Brain Jarrard said. "Just to give people a sense of, this is the game of how it currently stands in this build, running on an Xbox One."

"Right now we are getting a look at the Friend and Foe system that we've discussed in some of our blogs in the past," Jarrard said. "This is moving away from forcing players into red and blue, allowing us to maintain that unique armor customization that has become a focal point for Halo Infinite."

"I try and playtest on Xbox One as much as possible because it's a really important thing for us to support and make sure it's looking good," live producer Sam Hanshaw said.

"It really is awesome that we are able to bring that audience forward with us. We know there are a large amount of Xbox One players out there, especially as frankly some people are still eager to acquire a new console," Jarrad said.

Invites for this weekend's technical preview have already been sent out, and the tech test will run from July 29 through August 1. The tech test will feature online multiplayer, as well as versions of the battle pass and cosmetic systems. It's important to remember that this is a tech test and the versions of these systems in the test are not accurate representations of the final product, nor will any unlocks carry over.

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