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Here's One Of The Cheapest Nintendo Switch Game Deals We've Ever Seen

A cheap game plus a deep discount means you can snag a Nintendo Switch game for less than a single dime.


The Nintendo Switch Eshop is always having one sale or another, and it's not unheard of for a particularly big discount to bring a game down to under a dollar. One new game is performing a Herculean limbo by going even lower, at just 9 cents. That's couch cushion money.

The game is Totes the Goat, a Qbert-like block-hopping game with a voxel art style reminiscent of Crossy Road. It usually goes for $5, so this signifies a discount of more than 90%. It's a paid version of a free-to-play mobile game, which offers in-app purchases. The Switch version flew under the radar in 2018, but the iOS version is fairly well-reviewed on the App Store.

Totes the Goat from developer Atooi, which also released the Mutant Mudds Collection on Nintendo Switch. It also released similar voxel block games Mudd Masher and Knight Fright on mobile.

For more deals, check out some of this week's best Nintendo Switch discounts, including bargains on some first-party games. If you need hardware to play it on, though, you'll still have to hunt for it. The Nintendo Switch is notoriously hard to find right now, in part because of third-party resellers

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