Here's How You Can Make Your Own Ugly Red Dead Online Character

What kind of outlaw will you be?


Red Dead Online is finally here--at least if you own the Ultimate Edition. We're getting started with the Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer mode, and right out the gate your first task is to create a character. You begin by choosing a man or a woman, and then you'll get to customise them to your heart's content. The character-creator is very robust, as you can see in GameSpot's new video preview embedded above. What you'll also immediately notice is that it is truly difficult to make a character who doesn't look like a gross slob.

That may be by design, as you're playing as a rough criminal. The character-creator takes place inside of a jail, after all. We won't reveal many of the other key early details, but you can probably anticipate what happens given that the first Red Dead Online achievement is called "Breakout." Check out the full video above to see the character we created.

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Red Dead Online is available now for Ultimate Edition owners, and it'll launch November 28 for people who played Red Dead Redemption 2 on launch day (October 26). Those who played the game October 27-29 will get in on November 29, while everyone can start playing Red Dead Online on November 30. The online mode is available as part of a beta, so you can expect a few teething issues and other oddities to pop up along the way.

In other news, Red Dead Online features a battle royale mode called Make It Count, while microtransactions in the game come in the form of gold bars (which you can't buy yet). Keep checking back with GameSpot for lots more on Red Dead Online in the days and weeks to come.

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