Here's How to Use Batman: Arkham Knight's Big Head Mode

Bruce Wayne's got a big brain.


You can now play Batman: Arkham Knight with a head roughly the size of Batman's torso, thanks to the addition of a new Big Head mode.

An update this week bringing the console version of the game up to version 1.07 added support for the feature, which has also been present in past Batman: Arkham games. As demonstrated in the video below from director Sefton Hill, this is activated in a similar manner: hold both triggers while spinning the right analog stick clockwise ten times.

This causes your character's head to immediately become huge. The best part of this is that it isn't limited to Batman; Catwoman and other characters can have giant heads, too.

The 1.07 patch is a compatibility patch for the upcoming DLC, set for release this coming Tuesday, September 29. That includes the second Crime Fighter Challenge Pack and GCPD Lockdown, the latter of which sees Nightwing trying to prevent Penguin's escape attempt.

Batman: Arkham Knight's PC version, meanwhile, should finally be available for sale again sometime in the "coming weeks." It was pulled from store shelves following its launch earlier this year when it was found to be plagued with serious technical issues.

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