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Here's How To Get Your Free Celebi In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Follow these steps to claim your Mythical Pokemon.


Pokemon Gold and Silver are now available in the 3DS Eshop, and those who purchase either of the classic titles will receive a free gift: a code for the Mythical Pokemon Celebi, which you can redeem in either Pokemon Sun, Moon, or the upcoming Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. However, how you get your code may not be readily apparent, so we've outlined the steps you'll need to take to receive your Celebi.

To find your code, launch the 3DS Eshop and select the Settings/Other option from the main menu. From there, choose Account Activity and view your receipt for either Pokemon Gold or Silver, depending on which version you purchased. Your code can be found at the bottom of the receipt. Make a note of the code, then launch either Pokemon Sun or Moon (or Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, if you choose to wait for those versions to launch) and select the Mystery Gift option. Input your code, and you'll be able to pick your Celebi up from the deliveryman waiting inside any of the games' Pokemon Centers.

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While Nintendo has given away Celebi for several previous Pokemon games, this marks the first time the Mythical Pokemon has been distributed for Sun and Moon. The Grass/Psychic-type comes at level 30 and knows the following moves:

  • Heal Bell
  • Safeguard
  • Ancient Power
  • Future Sight

All players who purchase either Pokemon Gold or Silver between September 22, 2017 and September 21, 2018 will receive a code for Celebi. You have until October 31, 2018 to redeem it.

Celebi isn't the only special Pokemon that Sun and Moon players can get right now; Nintendo is also giving away six different Pikachu, each wearing one of Ash's hats from the anime series. However, you'll only be able to acquire one of them; you can find the Pikachu distribution schedule here. Target stores will also give away a free Charizard beginning on October 1, and GameStop will start distributing codes for the Mythical Pokemon Marshadow the following week.

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