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How To Save On Helldivers 2 For PC

You can pick up Helldivers 2 on PC for just $33.19, and the Super Citizen edition is also seeing a price cut.


Update: Following a launch-day update that addressed server issues, Helldivers 2 now runs on Steam Deck.

After nearly a decade, the sequel to Helldivers is officially here. Helldivers 2 is quite different from its predecessor, however, as it's no longer a top-down shooter. Instead, it pulls you in close to the action with a third-person perspective. It's still fast-paced and requires careful planning to succeed, and it definitely looks like an interesting. Best of all, the game is already on sale for PC, with Fanatical offering Helldivers 2 for just $33.19 (down from $40) when using promo code FANATICAL17 at checkout.

Snagging the game for this low price is simple. On the Helldivers 2 Fanatical page, you'll see a button that automatically applies the code to your cart. After clicking the button, add Helldivers 2 to your cart, and you'll see the discount right away. Alternatively, you can manually input the code at checkout. Since you're spending over $12 during the Lunar New Year Sale, you'll get a freebie with your purchase: either a bonus game or a coupon to save some cash on your next Fanatical purchase.

The same deal is available at Green Man Gaming, but you'll instead use promo code FEB17. The deal also applies to GMG XP members. You won't get a bonus freebie at GMG, though.

Want a few extra digital goodies with your purchase? Then check out the Super Citizen edition, which is just $49.79 (down from $60) when using the above promo codes. Here's what the bundle includes:

  • ‘DP-53 Savior of the Free’ Armor Set.
  • ‘Will of the People’ Cape.
  • ‘MP-98 Knight’ Weapon.
  • Super Citizen Status.
  • Stratagem Hero Ship Game.
  • ‘Steeled Veterans’ Premium Warbond

Helldivers 2 thrusts you into squads of four as you attempt to capture enemy planets and bring freedom back to the galaxy. Along with an arsenal of guns, you'll be able to call in airdrops such as resupply stations to help hold the line against hordes of enemies.

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