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Here's How Spider-Man 2 Lets You Switch Between Peter Parker And Miles Morales

Here's how character-switching will work.


Insomniac Games has revealed more details on how switching between Peter Parker and Miles Morales will work in Spider-Man 2.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Bryan Intihar, the game's creative director, said, "When you're playing the main story, we control when you switch between Pete and Miles... it's done in service to the story when we're making those switches, for sure." Intihar explains that whenever you switch between the two, they are pre-determined "based on what we want to do for how the story plays out."

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There'll be moments purely meant for Peter and Miles throughout the game. However, there will also be times when you'll have the option to play as either. Whenever you're free-roam, you can "freely switch between them with a simple button press."

In addition to being able to switch between characters, there will be three separate skill trees, one for each of them and one that's shared by both. The game director Ryan Smith said this was meant to create "a sense of familiarity." But they still wanted each of them to have their own separate abilities too.

This reflects what was shown in last week's trailer, with Miles shooting a Dragon Ball-like blast at his enemies with his venom and Peter using his Symbiote suit to body slam enemies to the ground.

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