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Here's How Pokemon Go Is Celebrating Pokemon Day

Pikachu party.


[UPDATE] Here is a picture of the Pikachu party hat:

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The original story is below.

To celebrate Pokemon Day next week, Niantic will hold an event inside of Pokemon Go. Starting on February 26, every Pikachu that players encounter in the game will be wearing a "festive party hat."

If you catch Pikachu during the event, you will get to keep its party hat forever, The Pokemon Company announced on its website. The event ends on March 6. Unfortunately, The Pokemon Company did not share a picture of Pikachu's hat; we'll add it to this story if it's made available.

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Pokemon Day is February 27. That is the 21st anniversary of the series, which debuted in Japan in 1996.

This is not the first time that Niantic has given Pikachu a special hat as part of a limited-time event. Last year's Pokemon Go holiday event let players catch a version of Pikachu that wears a festive hat. The Christmas Pikachu could be evolved into a hat-wearing version of Raichu, though it remains to be seen if that can happen with the new party hat.

For more on Pokemon Day 2017 and how it will be celebrated, check out this roundup on the Pokemon website.

Last year's 20th anniversary Pokemon Day celebrations included a Super Bowl commercial and a party with actress Drew Barrymore.

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