Here's How Next-Gen Game Godfall Looks On PC

The PC Gaming Show revealed the first look at Godfall gameplay on PC, which is also coming to PS5.


We've seen upcoming third-person looter-slasher title Godfall running on PlayStation 5, thanks to a trailer shown during Sony's PS5 reveal event. Now we have a sense of how PC will handle the next-gen game, with a new gameplay trailer shown during the PC Gaming Show livestream.

The new trailer not only shows the game running on PC, it also gives more of a sense of what Godfall will be like and how it'll play. It's set in a new high-fantasy universe, where the world is divided into the elemental realms of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. You're a Valorian knight, a "godlike warrior" and a master of melee combat, thanks to special armor called Valor Plates. These legendary pieces of armor give you access to a variety of different melee skills.

Check out the trailer below to see Godfall in action on PC.

In the trailer, Gearbox says it thinks it's created a new genre of third-person action games by combining various elements in Godfall. With the Valor Plates, the game has aspects of action-RPG loot progression, so you'll spend your time hunting new weapons and armor as you play. But the game also puts a big emphasis on heavy, brutal melee combat, and your Valor Plates will directly influence how you fight, beyond just stats, making the game both gear-driven and skill-driven as you advance.

Godfall is set to release holiday 2020 on both PC and PS5.

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