Here's How Much Netflix's Top Executives Made In 2020

In total, Netflix paid more than $100 million to its executives last year.


Netflix has announced how much money its top executives made in 2020, a year that saw the company reach a new subscriber milestones due in part to the pandemic. In short, all the top bosses saw their pay increase year-over-year.

Netflix disclosed the information in a regulatory filing, which was summarized by The Hollywood Reporter. Here is how much money each executive made:

  • Reed Hastings (co-CEO and founder) -- $43.2 million
  • Ted Sarandos (co-CEO) -- $39.3 million
  • Spencer Neumann (CFO) -- $12.9 million
  • Greg Peters (COO and chief product officer) -- $20.8 million

Combined, Netflix paid $116.2 million to these executives in 2020.

Netflix increased its subscriber numbers by 37 million in 2020, surpassing 200 million globally. Netflix's stock price closed 2020 up by more than 60 percent. It started around $345 per share and ended 2020 at more than $530 per share.

More recently, Netflix disclosed that it will spend $17 billion on content in 2021 amid increased competition from other streaming services and entertainment providers.

Netflix was a big winner at the 93rd Academy Awards on Sunday, taking home a studio-best seven Oscars of its 36 nominations. Disney had the second most overall Oscar wins with five, including Best Picture for Nomadland from its Searchlight Pictures division.

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