Here's How Mario Party Superstars Compares To The N64 Originals

Despite the makeover, you may still get blisters on your palms.


Mario Party Superstars is out tomorrow, and the game acts as a greatest hits collection for the series' best minigames. Almost all of the best ones happen to come from the first few games on Nintendo 64, and GameSpot made a side-by-side comparison video so you can see the huge makeover they got for the Switch version.

As shown in the video below, Mario Party Superstars not only looks sharper because of the increased processing power and resolution of the Nintendo Switch, but it also runs more smoothly. It's a 60fps game compared to the 30fps we see in the Nintendo 64's Mario Party 2, which is shown running on the Wii U's Virtual Console.

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The makeover is most obvious in games with a clear 3D perspective and plenty of depth, as objects appear to be layered rather than all on the same plane. Others still look pretty good on the N64 today, albeit with noticeably choppier gameplay because of the reduced frame rate. Others appeared to get some art direction changes, like swapping out beautiful diamond plate flooring for something a little less metallic and imposing.

Mario Party Superstars doesn't change much about the original minigames, and that includes Tug o' War. It, like the original version, still involves quickly rotating the analog stick in order to pull a rope, and this can lead to blisters if you use the palm of your hand. Nintendo specifically says not to use your palm, lest we all get giant, fluid-filled bubbles on our palms like we did in 2000. You can learn all about it in our Mario Party Superstars review.

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