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Here's How Lifelike Microsoft Flight Simulator Looks

See if you can spot the difference.


The Microsoft Flight Simulator series has always gone for accuracy in depicting real world locations, but the upcoming next-generation edition of the aviation sim is something else. Imgur user Utherellus has compared a handful of Microsoft Flight Simulator screenshots to their real-world equivalents, as picked up by Kotaku Australia.

The gallery includes some iconic aerial views, and some closer shots of well-known monuments that hopefully weren't taken from a cockpit.

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Some of the images are barely distinguishable from their real-life counterparts, looking like a photo taken with a different camera or at a different time of day. The game's realism goes beyond just visuals, with a live play mode showing real life flight plans and weather patterns. All of this comes at a price, however--in this case, an absolutely massive game file size.

With international travel looking like a far-off dream in the COVID-19 pandemic, Microsoft Flight Simulator may end up playing host to a new audience of virtual tourists desperate to see anything beyond their own backyard.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is currently in alpha, with alpha and beta access available exclusively to Microsoft Insiders. The release date is currently unknown.

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