Here's How Former Wii U Exclusive ZombiU Is Changing on Xbox One/PS4/PC

Multiplayer mode dropped, new melee weapons, and other details.


Having been a Wii U exclusive that made ample usage of the system's GamePad, ZombiU obviously had to undergo at least some changes for its upcoming release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Ubisoft has now offered some details on how things are being tweaked, as well as what's been added or removed.

Zombi, as it's known on the new platforms, moves the minimap from the GamePad screen onto the main screen. Aside from that, Ubisoft has attempted to "maintain a minimal HUD as much as possible," producer Hélène Henry said in a new blog post. "It disappears when not required, giving the game a very lonely feeling. If you have surround sound, the awesome sound mix from the original still stands and greatly helps immersion. As much as possible, we've tried to keep those key elements."

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More important than the map being located on the GamePad was the fact that the inventory was accessed on its screen. This forced you to take your eyes off the TV action, which wouldn't pause to give you time to handle things. Henry said Ubisoft has "kept the central idea that you're always vulnerable" by simply having you access your inventory on the main screen without pausing what's going on in the world. While in there, you'll have a very limited view of any approaching enemies.

One thing that wasn't quite so easy to bring over is the local multiplayer mode where one player used the GamePad to spawn zombies while other players fought them on the TV. This mode has been cut from Zombi, as Ubisoft opted to "focus on the solo mode, as [it] believe[s] this is where the ZombiU experience really lay."

Zombi's field-of-view has been increased slightly, and you will have some degree over control over the exact FOV. There will be limits to how much it can be changed, though, as Ubisoft wants to ensure you don't lose "that claustrophobic feeling."

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Load times have been improved, and the existing cricket bat is no longer the only melee weapon at your disposal. The shovel can hit multiple zombies at a time (and from further away), and the nail bat does more damage and is also capable of dealing with multiple zombies with each swing.

Additionally, the flashlight now has an alternate mode that allows its light to reach further, but this uses more battery and is more likely to bring zombies your way.

There were no specifics shared regarding technical improvements; Zombi is simply said to "perform better" on the new platforms.

Zombi is slated for release as a digital-only game on August 18. A price has not yet been announced.

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