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Here's Fortnite's Skins And Cosmetics Leaked In 6.02 Update's Release

Plague doctors and creepy jack-o-lanterns abound.


Halloween is approaching, and despite a previous leak of some themed cosmetics, it appears Fortnite has even more up its sleeve. While the big recent skin news involved the return of the Skull Trooper outfit, the latest game update, v6.02, has been datamined and revealed another round of skins, back bling, gliders, and pickaxes.

Fortnite Intel reports on the new cosmetics. The new skins include the pumpkin-spicy Jack Gourdon and Hollowhead, plague doctors Plague and Scourge, Bullseye, and Skull Ranger. New pickaxes include the Skull Sickle, Heralds Wand, and Carver. Those are joined by the Crypt Cruiser, Mouldering Cloak, Arcanum, Dismal Cape, and Lamplight. New emotes appear to include Sprinkler, Electro Swing, Look At This, and Head Bang.

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Of course, the datamined leak doesn't give much indication of when we can expect to see these new cosmetics making the rounds. They're Halloween-themed, which narrows it down to this month, but other than that they could hit anytime.

The 6.02 update also added the limited-time Disco Domination mode, a Quad rocket launcher, and various bug fixes and balance tweaks. As noted above, it also brought back the Skull Trooper, but requires a challenge completion to unlock its associated back bling.

In addition to the other frightful skins previously leaked, the whole season has a dark and foreboding tone to it. "Darkness Rises" is the season's theme, as an island floats above the game map powered by our favorite mysterious cube, Kevin. Plus the new Season 6 skins include plenty of Halloween merriment like the Dire Wolf, which makes you more and more werewolf-like as you level it up.

For more on other Halloween happenings in video games, check out our round-up of the best Halloween events this year.

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