Here's Exactly When Fallout 4 Far Harbor Expansion Launches

Plus, check out some new concept art.


In addition to releasing a new trailer for Fallout 4's Far Harbor expansion today, Bethesda announced exactly when the content will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

In a blog post, Bethesda said the content will become available starting at midnight local time. You can check out the full release schedule below to find out when Far Harbor will be available where you live.

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Far Harbor launches on May 19 for all platforms. It's included with Fallout 4's $50 DLC pass or can be purchased by itself for $25.

The expansion is set in a post-apocalyptic version of Maine's Bar Harbor. It represents the largest landmass that Bethesda has ever created for a piece of add-on content. Players can expect new quests, weapons, creatures, and more. Check out some concept art in the galley above.

"Far Harbor will take you on a journey that's a far cry from the Commonwealth," Bethesda said.

"There's still a ton we haven’t even talked about yet," designer William Shen added. "There are definitely some very cool surprises as you progress through Far Harbor."

Looking ahead, Fallout 4 mods are coming to Xbox One this month, while PS4 players will get them in June. Additionally, Bethesda has told fans to "stay tuned" for more information about further add-ons coming later this year.

Far Harbor Release Schedule:

PlayStation 4/Xbox One

  • North America – 12:01 am (ET) on 5/19
  • UK – 12:01 am (BST) on 5/19
  • France/Germany/Italy/Spain – 12:01 am (CET) on 5/19
  • Australia/New Zealand – 12:01 am (AEST) on 5/19
  • Japan/South Korea/Rest of Asia – TBA
  • Rest of World – 12:01 am (BST) on 5/19


  • North America – 12:01 am (ET) on 5/19
  • UK – 12:01 am (BST) on 5/19
  • France/Germany/Italy/Spain – 01:01 am (CET) on 5/19
  • Australia/New Zealand – 12:01 am (AEST) on 5/19
  • Japan/South Korea/Rest of Asia – 12:01 am (Japan) on 5/19
  • Rest of World – 12:01 am (BST) on 5/19

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Not a big fan of the setting.. looks hard to see and navigate. All waterlogged and misty.. meh. Wish/Hope Bethesda does an expansion that goes back to a more desert setting. Also please dial back the damn weather .. I seriously sleep in the game for clear days.

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Too much fog. Too much radiation for my liking. Lol! Unique and new legionary drops were nice. Some funny acted out scenes and dialogues, I don't want to give that away but a few had me laughing. The map is good sized and you are forced to choose alliances and sides so that affects your ending. It's worth it.

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So... thoughts anyone?

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You can get it right now on Xbox if you change your region to New Zealand. And no, doing so isn't against the ToS.

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@spazicle: dude, could you not wait one day???

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downloading all 6.5 GB of it now

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damnit.... I restarted on Survival (as its the only way to play, imo) and I'm nowhere close to completing the original game or the 1st DLC, let alone ready to tackle Far Harbour..... ah 1st world problems

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@whatsazerg: Just got to level 30 in survival, now I think I can set foot in downtown boston without being murdered instantly by a super mutant. My only complaint with survival is the respawn rates. The upper half of the map is just empty now, I can understand for loot purposes but their should still be random encounters to keep things interesting, I feel to safe now.

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been playing the beta already......its fun......

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Looks like something a group of modders could have achieved in a couple weeks.

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@Raidendude153: yeah took 3 years to get skyrim with 4k textures....please go back to your dont have a clue.....

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@smokerob79: Ellipses are generally three dots, you seem rather lost...

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Can't wait. I like the last expansion where you could build a robot. I still didn't finish the main quest, trying to finish every possible side quest before I finish the game!

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@MegamanX97: write down your can look up what missions change the story line so you know where to save......the only ending i like was blowing the place up with the minute men........taking it over sucks.....brothers of steal ending SUCKS....would be cool if they added one more ending

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FIRST looks awesome