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Fallout 4's first expansion, Automatron, arrives on March 22. Now, developer Bethesda Game Studios has announced exactly when the add-on will unlock around the world for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

The release schedule is available below, as is another new screenshot for the robot-themed Automatron expansion. It showcases the add-on's customizable robots; the one on the left has a saw blade for a butt.

Fallout 4 Automatron DLC Release Schedule:

  • Xbox One: Midnight EST (North America); midnight locally (Europe).
  • PS4: Midnight locally (Europe); by 1 PM EST (North America)
  • PC: Midnight EST (North America); midnight locally (Europe)
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Automaton is included with the $50 Fallout 4 DLC pass or it can be purchased by itself for $10. The expansion centers on a character called the Mechanist who has unleashed a horde of malevolent robots into the Commonwealth. Players will be able to hunt down robots and harvest parts to build their own custom robot companions.

Following Automatron will be at least two further expansions, including Wasteland Workshop (April; $5) and Far Harbor (May; $25). Fallout 4's Creation Kit is also scheduled to come out in April; some mods made using the toolsuite will come to console later, starting with Xbox One.

Are you planning to pick up Automatron? Let us know in the comments below!

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Been out on Australian PSN all day.

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Ummm, so it is almost 4am on the 22nd, and no Automatron. Steam now says it comes out April 5th.

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Forgot to buy the season pass before it changed because of school but oh well, it's fallout4 take my money!

Well, take my money during the summer. Too busy to play (haven't played it in over a month, such a travesty!)

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Have the season pass and im waiting till i see it on steam and im hoping it downloads almost instantly.

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If you don't like the game or you're not interested in the DLC then keep it to yourself. Damn haters everywhere you go anymore. I'll be downloading this asap.

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@Pilgrim117: Good point :)

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I'm starting to get bored of rolling with Cait. If I can build a companion I might do that. I really want more Settlement based DLC that isn't cosmetic stuff.

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@Senor_Kami: So pick another companion. There are many.

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This dlc looks lame no thanks...

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@se7en1989: I've played it and it's awesome!

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Why does the PlayStation Store take so long?

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@Attitude2000: Why is the sky blue?

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Eh, possibly ill do another midnight launch play, but it does not seem all that worth it just for DLC

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Sweet. Looking forward to firing up Fallout 4 again and checking out this new content.

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@Archangel3371: Same here.

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Wonder if there a level that you should be at to tackle this DLC? Or does it adjust to you...

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@Triton: I think the new content starts at lvl 15, but it will likely scale to you beyond that - Bethesda games always do scaling... kinda a shame but meh.

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Level 15, according to Bethesda

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@rashers: Then go wait in the Witcher 3 forums.

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@rashers: Your comment was hardly "educational", and no where near intelligent. You are the fool here kid.

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@rashers: when does that come out tho so far away

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@rashers: Me too man, me too.