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Here's Everything We Know About Apex Legends' New Gun: The 30-30 Repeater

A mid-to-long range rifle that can pack a wallop when charged will be debuting in Apex Legends Season 8.


Apex Legends Season 8 is bringing a slew of changes, including a shiny new gun called the 30-30 Repeater. It's a lever-action rifle designed to fill the hole players were feeling in the heavy weapon set.

Starting out, the 30-30 will have six shots. Obtaining higher level magazines will increase its shot count, starting at eight with a level one magazine, ten with a level two magazine, and 12 with a level three magazine. The gun also has a charge bar that will change location depending on what kind of sight you have equipped. As you'd expect, the more you charge the 30-30, the more damage it deals, with its hits scaling accordingly if you only complete the charge midway. Full-charge headshots do 100 damage, and full-charge body shots do 57 damage. Meanwhile no-charge spamming body shots do 42 damage, and no-charge headshots do 74 damage.

If you're looking to add the 30-30 into your regular arsenal, you will need to learn how to time using charged shots versus spamming regular ones. The 30-30 falls in between the G7 and Longbow guns in terms of play. The G7's fire rate is faster, but its shots do less damage, while the Longbow shoots more slowly but also does more damage. The 30-30 falls smack dab in between with its lower damage spam fire and its higher damage charge-shot, and is perfect for mid-to-long range combat.

Timing will also be important when it comes to reloading. While the 30-30 can potentially have a lot of shots, its reload time from zero is pretty slow. If you let it get down to empty, it's going to take a while to refill your magazine. That said, a new addition to the game can help combat this issue: the level four magazine. When equipped on the 30-30--or any weapon--you can automatically reload by putting your weapon away and waiting five and a half seconds.

Season 8 starts February 2, so prepare to get your hands on the 30-30 Repeater.

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