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Here's Everything Actors Won Following SAG-AFTRA Strike

Here's what the union fought for and gained with its new deal.


After almost four months, SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP came to a new deal that is expected to be signed by both parties very soon. It's a lengthy document at nearly 130 pages, but the Memorandum of Agreement will cover everything from budgets for show and transparency of data from the networks and streaming services.

However, National Director Duncan Crabtree-Ireland notes the deed isn't final until it's signed by both SAG-AFTRA and AMPTP.

"As you may know, traditionally SAG-AFTRA contract ratification votes rely on our detailed summaries of the new agreement, as the drafting of a formal memorandum of agreement (MOA) usually takes many weeks," Crabtree-Ireland said (via Deadline). "However, for this historic deal, some members have asked to review the full draft MOA during the ratification voting period."

You can read the document here that goes into the very fine print of what the new contract has in store for Guild members. It goes into how AI "actors", including background extras, will be implemented and how studios need consent. There's even a section about restructured insurance for members.

"This deal has set the groundwork for our future and generations to come, it is major,” Drescher told members on that virtual information session. "We didn’t get that, but we got this, this, this, and this, and we’ll get that next time." She added that with this level of negotiation, they have to "weigh and measure and make your informed decision on behalf of the greater good."

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