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Here's Dark Souls Being Played With Ring Fit Adventure's Ring-Con Controller

A tutorial on how to use your Ring-Con on PC is coming soon.


If you've ever wanted to feel all those calories your Chosen Undead burns while they roll their way through those tricky Dark Souls boss-fights, you might soon have the chance. Super Louis 64, a streamer known for crafting or modding unusual controllers, has modified Ring Fit Adventure's Ring-Con to work on PC, and he posted several clips of himself using it to play Dark Souls 3.

According to his tweet thread, the mod checks whether or not the Joy-Con strapped to your leg is in motion--you can only use the left thumbstick to move when you exceed its threshold. You also have to perform a full squat to heal with your Estus Flask. In a future update, Louis says that he plans to use the Joy-Con's D-pad to adjust that threshold, to avoid fatigue issues. While the mod clearly works, Louis says he needs to make a few user-friendly modifications before he makes it available for public consumption.

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This isn't the first time that the streamer has used an unusual controller to try to beat Dark Souls 3. According to his website, he's beaten the game with a Dance Dance Revolution dance pad, a fishing rod, a DJ Hero turntable, and many, many more. For example, his YouTube channel has clips of him beating one of the game's hardest bosses with the bongos from the GameCube game Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat.

As for Ring Fit Adventure, it recently added a rhythm mode to get your heart-rate even higher. But if you're hoping to integrate this into your next video game workout, and you don't already have Ring Fit Adventure, you might have to fork over way more money than you expected. Game retailers have been reporting shortages of the game since late March, in part due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, and resale prices have skyrocketed.

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