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Here's Another Surprising Avengers: Infinity War Cameo You May Have Missed

Who better to open the movie than someone who was knighted by the Queen?


With Avengers: Infinity War's home release, we're learning a whole lot more about the film--including cameos--thanks to the special features included with the film. In addition to a cut scene featuring Jon Favreau reprising his role as Happy Hogan, it was detailed how an actor knighted by the Queen of England in 2012 opens up the movie.

Thor director Sir Kenneth Branagh, who most recently starred in Murder on the Orient Express and Dunkirk, did some voice over which plays during the Marvel logo, right before Thanos and company takes on Thor and the Asgardians. "This was an amazing surprise, by the way, and we had this idea very late in editorial, to ask the amazing Sir Kenneth Branagh to come in and do the opening distress call over the logo, that carries us and sets the stage and carries us into the scene with Thor and Thanos and Loki on the Ark," explained director Joe Russo during the audio commentary for the movie.

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This wasn't a moment that was long planned though. During an interview with ET, Joe Russo explained this was a last-minute decision. "That literally is one of those crazy ideas we had sitting in the edit room--I don't know--two or three weeks before we locked picture maybe," explained Russo. "And we're talking about--you know--we needed a great actor to open the film that had the right gravitas to make you concerned for the Asgardians. And we went, 'Why don't we just ask Branagh? He's one of the greatest actors in the world?' Luckily, he said yes."

Avengers: Infinity War is out digitally now but has a limited amount of special features, which includes some deleted and extended scenes, and a few featurettes about the characters and locations seen in the film.

If you want the total Infinity War experience, you'll have to wait until August 14 for the 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD releases of the film. Including audio commentary, the physical release is stacked with extra special features, including what was released with the digital copy. These special features will give fans a ton of insight into the movie-making process, along with a few Avengers Easter eggs you might have missed.

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