Heres All The New Nintendo Switch Games Shown During Spring 2018 Showcase

There's a lot of good-looking games coming to Switch this year.


Nintendo today hosted a video livestream event to reveal new games for Nintendo Switch. Whereas it highlighted many of its own games during the big Nintendo Direct recently, this event--the Nindies Showcase Spring 2018--focused exclusively on indie games coming to the system in 2018. Although it ran for only about 10 minutes, it was an event packed with announcements for a lot of new games.

Many of these games are ports or remasters of existing titles--something that many of us have been asking for, given that games can feel like new experiences on the portable Switch. Others are brand-new games that have yet to be released. In all, there were more than a dozen games featured, and we've rounded up the basic details on all of them below.

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Mark of the Ninja Remastered -- Fall 2018

Nintendo started out the event with news that Klei Entertainment's stellar 2D stealth-platformer, Mark of the Ninja, is being remastered for Switch. Few details were shared, but it's getting a "high-definition remaster" for its release on Switch.

Fantasy Strike -- Summer 2018

Next up is a fighting game from Sirlin Games called Fantasy Strike. Despite having the appearance of a standard 2D fighting game--albeit with a cel-shaded look--it features an unusually wide variety of weapons. The brief glimpse we got showed wind, paint, and even a slot machine all being utilized in the middle of the fight.

Just Shapes & Beats -- Summer 2018

Launching on Switch before other consoles, Just Shapes & Beats is described as a "musical bullet hell" game. Bullet hell might be a stretch--we didn't quite see the screen completely flooded with enemy fire--but the game does feature a pleasantly minimalist visual style. It also features a story mode that can be played solo or with friends and music from 20 different chiptune artists (though none were called out by name).

Garage -- Spring 2018

Another game launching on Switch before other platforms, Garage is a top-down shooter from TinyBuild that Nintendo says was inspired by VHS B-movies. You'll deal with zombie-like enemies as you shoot your way through levels using a variety of weapons.

Pool Panic -- 2018

From Adult Swim Games comes Pool Panic, where you're effectively playing pool through a wide variety of unusual locations like the top of a rocking pirate ship. You'll knock around a cue ball and have to deal with a wide variety of other types of balls that don't conform to what you're used to seeing in billiards. There are more than 100 levels in the game and support for four-player local co-op. Pool Panic launches first on Switch.

Bomb Chicken -- Summer 2018

The aptly titled Bomb Chicken is a 2D platformer where you play as a chicken who can lay bombs, rather than eggs. Those bombs can then be used to destroy parts of the environment, block incoming fire, or push you up to hard-to-reach places. It launches on Switch before other platforms.

Lumines Remastered -- Spring 2018

Another of the remasters announced during the event was for Lumines, the classic puzzle game from Q Entertainment. It's described as an "HD remake" and features the involvement of Tetsuya Mizuguchi. It includes HD rumble support that matches up with both the beat of the music and the action on-screen, as well as local multiplayer support.

Reigns: Kings and Queens -- Spring 2018

Reigns: Kings and Queens packages together the two existing Reigns games (Reigns and Reigns: Her Majesty). Like the original versions, this humorous Tinder-inspired RPG has you swiping left or right on various cards to make decisions on how you'll rule. New for this Switch collection is a local co-op mode that allows you to make decisions with a friend.

Light Fall -- Spring 2018

Light Fall is a gorgeous 2D platformer set in Numbra, a "forgotten world." You'll use a magical box called the Shadow Core to navigate the environment. It'll be a timed console exclusive when it releases on Switch.

West of Loathing -- Spring 2018

West of Loathing is a comical RPG where you and everyone in the world is a stick figure. You'll solve puzzles and take part in traditional turn-based combat as one of several classes. It launches as a console exclusive on Switch.

Pode -- Spring 2018

Pode is a puzzle/adventure game inspired by Norwegian art that can be played with a single Joy-Con. Each of the two characters has special abilities they can use to help the duo navigate the world. Although it appears to primarily be a two-player co-op game, it can also be played solo.

The Messenger -- Summer 2018

The Messenger is an old-school 2D action-platformer where you play as a ninja who acquires a variety of abilities over the course of the game. What distinguishes it more than anything else is the ability to transition from an 8-bit-style game to a 16-bit "time-traveling adventure."

Bad North -- Summer 2018

A blend of real-time strategy and roguelikes, Bad North tasks you with defending small islands. Whenever you lose one of your commanders, they're gone permanently, and the game ends completely if you lose them all. It launches first on Switch.

The Banner Saga 3 -- Summer 2018 / The Banner Saga 1 + 2 -- "soon"

The upcoming conclusion to the Banner Saga series, The Banner Saga 3, is coming to Switch in addition to other platforms. This tactics game has a strong emphasis on story and allows progress to be carried over from one game to the next. To ensure players get the full experience, both The Banner Saga 1 and 2 will also be released on Switch "soon."

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