Here's All of the PS4/PS3-Exclusive Destiny Weapons and Armor in the April Update

The new Exotic sniper rifle Zen Meteor should be a favorite of those who like explosions.


Following the reveal of a new Exotic weapon that will--at least for a period of time--be exclusive to the PlayStation versions of Destiny, we've now gotten a look at all of the new gear coming first to PS4 and PS3.

In a PlayStation Blog post, all of the weapons and armor are shown off and detailed. That includes the aforementioned Exotic, the Zen Meteor sniper rifle. Its perks include Dynamite (giving it explosive rounds, and rapid kills with all five rounds gives you an extra shot for five seconds that does even more damage) and With a Laser Beam (causing that extra shot to create a "massive explosion"). You can get this by decrypting Exotic or Legendary engrams, or through the other usual means for nabbing a Year-Two Exotic. The clip above shows the gun in action.

There's also an exclusive quest (Essence of Darkness), a new Sparrow called the Velumbra that's awarded by completing the mission Fight Fire with Fire, and a set of armor for each of the three classes. Warlocks get the Barkhan Dune I, Hunters get the Long Tomorrow 9G, and Titans get Jovian Guard. All three sets can be obtained by decrypting Sublime engrams.

You can check out all of this new PlayStation-exclusive gear in the gallery below.

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It's not explicitly stated (which is to be expected, considering this was a PlayStation Blog post), but presumably all of this will eventually be available on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Previous content released first on PlayStation came to Xbox a year later.

All of this content arrives as part of the big April update, slated for release on April 12. We don't yet have patch notes--those won't come until launch day--but we do know that it increases the max Light level, introduces new missions, adjusts Crucible and weapon balancing, and much more.

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Looks sick. They certainly know how to design cool lookin armor a and weapons. Looking forward to that sniper in PVE.

I'm curious if "dynamite rounds" are supposed to be explosive rounds or are something else entirely.

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Long-term exclusive like these year-long Destiny exclusives for Sony make be avoid the game AND the console. Exclusives are bad for the customer.

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@choda_boy: so you must not play any consoles, because all of them do it

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YAY More gear :) Its a shame for Xbox owners not to experience the full Destiny experience but either way looking forward to that sniper

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idiotic after all this time they still doing exclusive shit.

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Everyone I know gets excited about this shit for about 5 seconds, then they start playing the game and shut it off after 5-10 minutes. I don't think there is anything Bungie can do to make Destiny fun again. Even if a Destiny 2 came out, I'd play it to see if the story improved any, and that's about it.

Also this console exclusive shit needs to just stop, nothing more idiotic than telling half your fanbase they're not important enough.

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@suicidesn0wman: half? LOL

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ya, stopped playing this game like a........YEAR AGO!

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@apr181: yet u click on the article to comment. Troll much....