Here's A Sneak Peak At Fall Guys Season 3

The upcoming season will have a winter theme and include more mini-games.


The next season of Fall Guys' content is on its way soon. Season 3 is going to called Winter Knockout and will include more mini-games and costumes than Season 2. The new season is scheduled to launch in the second week of December.

The official Fall Guys Twitter account used another quirky little trick to reveal the news. The studio sent 300 pieces of an official promo image to 300 Twitter users and tasked them with putting the image together. Fans were quick to hop on Discord to finish the puzzle.

Fall Guys' second season launched in October, but only included four news games alongside a new battle pass. Fans were disappointed after the game initially launched with over twenty games. Season 3, which looks to include a new mini-game where you jump through a spinning circle filled with holes, will have more games, according to Mediatonic. Snowmen, penguin, and a grinch-like costumes are featured in the teaser art as unlockable skins for Season 3.

Fall Guys is currently on sale on Steam for Valve's winter sale right now. You can pick it up and check out a number of the other Black Friday 2020 deals we've highlighted over the past week.

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