Here's A Preview Of The Weapon Crafting Enclave In Destiny 2 The Witch Queen

Bungie prepares Guardians with everything they need to know about weapon crafting before jumping into The Witch Queen expansion.


Destiny 2 welcomes players to the secret Enclave, the weapon crafting destination that looks like it's tucked inside the Pyramid ship in Savathun's Throne World. The weapons and gear trailer gave a peek at the Relic on Mars which gives the power to create your own weapons, Bungie's news post this week goes over the basics of combat-focused weapon crafting. It doesn't hurt to be a bit more prepared when The Witch Queen launches and to make sure you are raid-ready.

However, the first two missions of The Witch Queen campaign, which are free for all players, will guide through the crafting process and the Deepsight ability. The all-new weapon melee weapon Glaive will be your first crafting experiment with all materials already provided. Bungie also said that "A subset of weapons and archetypes will be craftable from the start, but more will be added in the future."

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Find the patterns

To craft Legendary weapons, players will need materials and weapon blueprints called Patterns. These Patterns can be obtained from quests or by completing game objectives. Players can then begin crafting the weapon with all the necessary materials.

Bungie clarifies in the TWAB that not every trait will be compatible with every weapon type, but players will have a list to choose from to create a weapon customized to their liking.

The Witch Queen Showcase did mention that at launch, players will be able to craft all of the Throne World weapons, and upcoming raid and seasonal weapons.

Deepsight Resonance

Crafting the Glaive allows the weapon to drop with random rolls--including the new ability called Deepsight Resonance, which will help craft specific traits. Bungie explains, "As an example, if you find a Deepsight Resonance Legendary Auto Rifle with the Rampage perk, you can complete an objective and extract the essence of the perk to then craft a weapon with Rampage or another perk that increases damage."

Deepsight Resonance completed on a weapon
Deepsight Resonance completed on a weapon

The weapon will have an Attunement Progress bar, and completing the task lets the player extract Resonant Elements from the weapon.

Leveling up weapons

Crafting weapons doesn't end at construction; players will need to maintain a long-term bond with their creation. Players can level up their crafted weapons by defeating enemies and using them in activities--the more they use the weapon, the quicker it will level up.

Once the player reaches a high enough level, the weapon will unlock the ability to add Enhanced stats and traits. According to the images in the TWAB, adding Enhanced Intrinsic traits require additional resources such as Resonant Alloy, Glimmer, and Enhanced Cores.

Exotic crafting

The new Exotic submachine gun called Osteo Striga, and class-specific Exotic Glaives can be crafted in the Enclave after players find their Patterns. Players can check out the Exotic Glaive abilities and the new Exotic SMG in The Witch Queen's weapons and gear preview.

Class-specific Glaives in the Enclave
Class-specific Glaives in the Enclave

Unlike Legendary Crafting, Exotics will require changes to traits rather than full-on construction.

Need to change your build?

Players will be able to "reshape" their weapons. At the Enclave, players can switch out weapon attributes such as the barrel, magazine, and other traits. The Enclave menu presents two options asking if players want to Shape a weapon or Reshape.

Bungie teased that different weapon foundries from the Destiny world may have unique functions, and fans may even choose a favorite--there will be new weapons from an unnamed foundry.

Weapon cosmetic customization

Mementos change the appearance of a crafted weapon. The first Memento will be available at launch and have players dive into Gambit-- it will reward those Memento-seekers some Gambit flair for their weapon and an activity-specific tracker at the Enclave.

Bungie plans to add more Mementos to the game through activities such as Trials of Osiris, Grandmaster Nightfalls, and possibly more.

We are close to the awaited Destiny 2 The Witch Queen's release on February 22; meanwhile, players can now quickly catch up on the Shattered Realm in Season of the Lost before it leaves Destiny 2.

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